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    The clean solution

    Be gentle but tough

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    MEIKO technology is always gentle on human health, the environment and your washware, but always tough on dirt and residues.

    Clean solutions call for innovation. And often it’s those little things you hardly see that inject new power into the overall system. MEIKO’s new wash and rinse arms are a good example. So robust that after thousands of revolutions they are still as fresh and dynamic as the very first day.

    MEIKO’s fine filtration system AktivPlus plays a decisive part in minimising the operating costs for MEIKO’s stationary machines. To ensure outstanding results, AktivPlus is tough on suds: the tank water is filtered several times over, while dirt is actively and reliably ejected thanks to fine filtration during cyclical backflushing. An additional suction screen with an integrated dirt collection trough protects the circulation pump. While a “toothpick trap” performs the same function for the drainage pump.

    fine filtration system - AktivPlus
    MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system for dishwashing equipment

    MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system

    A soft start for the wash pumps keeps the pressure finely tuned, ensuring gentle treatment for delicate washware like glasses.

    wash pump ensuring gentle treatment
    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    Our machines can wash in silence thanks to their double-wall design. They are also thermally insulated, turning down the heat in the wash-up room.

    Minimal water consumption and effective energy management add up to an extremely economical
    washing process and top-class environmental performance. MEIKO dishwashing technology leads the way when it comes to minimising resource consumption. In the last 30 years, MEIKO technology has cut water consumption by over 70% and energy consumption by over 30%!

    The pioneering innovation behind the triple M-iQ filter is part and parcel of MEIKO’s new generation of M-iQ dishwashers. It consists of a unique, patented, active filter system for every section of the machine. Filtered food residues are actively removed from the wash cycle, collected and then ejected under pressure. So the wash water is continuously cleaned without requiring a top-up! The result: top-class performance using less detergent and water – while of course meeting all the requirements of hygiene regulations.

    Filter system M-iQ
    Revolutionary filter system for band type dishwashing systems

    Each wash tank is provided with a M-iQ filter.