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    The clean solution
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    CC-Insight control module

    The smart control module for PC data transmission and visualisation in dishwashing

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    CC-Insight provides an intelligent software solution which allows all relevant data, functions and operating procedures to be stored on the machine itself, including the operating logs required for compliance with standards such as DIN SPEC 10535. This data can then be transferred to a local PC and displayed in the form of function-specific diagrams and animated depictions of machine processes. The software also enables users to analyse and diagnose the machine’s operating status.

    CC-Insight allows users to update operating logs by manually entering data on cleaning procedures, water changes, repairs, and replacement of detergent/rinse aid containers.

    It also enables users to integrate their equipment into a network, to link up multiple units, and to connect machines to a control room or a kitchen or facility management system.

    CC-Insight comes with an update function which provides convenient access to software upgrades and updates.