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    MEIKO 3 year all inclusive package

    for care home Topline bedpan washers

    It's now even easier to own a Meiko bedpan washer! 3 year all inclusive package made just for you!

    Complete peace of mind with a 3 year warranty

    ...for Meiko Topline bedpan washers

    MEIKO UK has launched a package with 3-year warranty across its range of Topline Bedpan Washer/Disinfectors. 

    MEIKO hygiene and convenience

    Top-quality warewashing in the sluice room, that is proven to inactivate Coronavirus is now essential to care homes and Meiko UK is doing its best to ensure our customers get what they need.

    The Topline 3 year all inclusive package includes:

    • Three year parts and labour warranty
    • One planned maintenance visit per year
    • Free pre-install site survey 
    • Disconnection & removal of existing machine
    • Installation to a clear site and machine commissioning and staff training
    • Combined pan and urine holder provided with 5 bedpans and 5 bottles. 
    • UK mainland delivery (excludes Northern Ireland)

    TopLine – bedpan washer

    High-performance technology for better hygiene in the care sector

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    For information on how MEIKO can help your care home with the All Inclusive Package, call 01753 215120, email info@meiko-uk.co.uk, or complete the form below

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