The clean solution

    WasteStar FC - food waste recycling

    Takes the worry out of waste

    The convenient disposal of organic kitchen waste

    WasteStar FC is a fully automatic system for commercial kitchens that disposes of organic waste exactly where it is created - directly at the workplace. This makes WasteStar FC economical, easy on the environment and resources, and above all unbelievably convenient.


    WasteStar FC makes it all simpler.

    Two key features points make the WasteStar FC unbeatable: the completely modular design and the uncomplicated handling. The result is an optimum disposal concept with maximum flexibility.


    Perfectly attuned to the workflow.

    The cycles of the automatic suction and also the order of the stations are determined by you - in line with your kitchen organisation. And because processes in the canteen kitchen can change, you can also easily adjust these cycles. Just as you want it.


    Suitable for all needs

    WasteStar FC has a modular design and therefore not only fits perfectly with the other MEIKO washing and conveying units, it can also be optimally adapted to the individual situation in your commercial kitchen.


    Simple to clean

    The daily cleaning of the feeding stations is just as carefree as all other WasteStar FC functions. Simply use the same agents as for your dishwashers. Incidentally, the cleaning water can flow directly into the discharge spout or into the tank.


    You would like to combine the wash-up area and the preparation zone in a single disposal system?

    Then do this – with WasteStar FC. And equal thought has been given to liquid fryer waste and other greasy residues. An additional grease trap disposal is also possible.