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    Designed with Waste in Mind

    Designing waste out of the commercial kitchen environment

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    Any responsible business will have waste high on the list of issues that need addressing for three reasons:

    1. It is the right thing to do to minimise resource use for future generations
    2. Customers demand it
    3. It makes good business sense

    The actions, tips and best practice outlined in this report should dramatically reduce your waste output, whilst adding a healthy boost to your bottom line.

    It is time to take another look at the catering environment to ensure your kitchen is designed with waste in mind.

    Paul Anderson, Managing Director, MEIKO UK

    Design for waste reduction

    Foodservice environments create waste, from the minute equipment and ingredients are delivered, travel through prep and cook and are served to the customer... to plates returning to the pot wash or disposables hitting the bin.

    But it’s time to turn on its head the idea that this waste is inevitable. This report takes a whole kitchen view that designs with waste in mind to support the preservation of resource – from food, energy, water and packaging to staff effort – in one indispensable go-to guide.

    “Water, energy, waste: people are beginning to move away from acting on price and costs, to think about climate change and how much you could save in services by taking a long-term view, by investing in more sustainable practices and equipment.” 

    Paul Anderson, Managing Director, MEIKO UK

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