The clean solution


    on Hospital Warewashing

    Solutions for central dishwash, ward level washing, staff dining and ward disinfection

    Central dishwash

    The M-iQ range of flight and rack transport dishwashers lead the world for wash quality, ergonomic design and sustainability with minimal consumption of water, energy and chemicals.

    Ward level warewashing

    Ideal for the ward, MEIKO’s latest M-iClean undercounter machines do not need water softeners, are great for the environment, saving money and space, making them easy to use and maintain! 

    Meiko Active

    MEIKO has launched its own range of chemicals, to ensure the very best hygiene, efficiency and care for the planet. Contact us directly for details.

    TopClean 60 multi-washer

    TopClean 60 is a multi-washer and disinfection appliance which can tackle just about anything!

    For information on how MEIKO can help your hospital, call 01753 215120, email info@meiko-uk.co.uk, or complete the form below

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