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    MEIKO flight type dishwasher delivers high quality results while cutting costs

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    Tel Aviv is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East, catering for upwards of 2.5 million international visitors every year as well as a booming domestic trade.

    Miki Bados, the owner of 2C and the nearby Ocean Event Center chose to install a new MEIKO dishwashing system 18 months ago. "I wish I had made the decision to move ahead to the MEIKO flight type dishwasher four or five years earlier! I didn’t think the transformation to the new dishwasher will bring such a big change in labor and such significant savings in operating costs. We operate Tel Aviv’s leading event center and we cannot compromise on the quality of the food or the appearance of the dining room. Behind the high quality result that the customer sees – the clean dishes, sparkling glassware and beautiful furnishings – there is a lot work and operating expenses including labor, detergents, water and energy. The connection with Nyga Chef ltd MEIKO's sales agent for Israel) for the dishwasher and detergents, gives me peace of mind that the quality of the dishwashing is backed up with the service support of the local supplier.”

    Installed 18 months ago was a B350 VAP flight dishwasher, with 4,000 plates per hour capacity. Its AWS system (Active Water Saver) reduces fresh water consumption by up to 20 %. The CSS-Top chemical saving system saves up to 80 % on detergent consumption by flushing out excess food debris left on the dishes following the pre-washing process, using fresh water from the final rinse.

    Continues Miki: "Even during the planning process, I saw in my mind the operational benefits and the expected savings and yet I didn’t estimate how much. Today I can say that the investment in the Meiko dishwasher is made from the savings accumulated by the reduction of operating costs. We save about 50% in energy and water and the staffing has reduced by three workers! Customers demand the very highest standard of food and facilities for their events and so I need to make the kitchen and dishwashing system more efficient in order to be more flexible to the customer's needs, while reducing significantly the operational costs."