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    Exploring opportunities for reusables in hospitality and foodservice

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    Exploring opportunities for reusables in hospitality and foodservice

    Paul Anderson, managing director, Meiko UK

    “Waste disposal costs are going through the roof, storage space for bins is at a premium, and customers can’t stand packaging. Everybody hates waste, and we need to eliminate single-use items wherever possible,” says Paul Anderson, managing director of Meiko UK and chair of the Foodservice Equipment Association.

    Amid apocalyptic headlines about environmental catastrophe and climate change, there is overwhelming evidence that consumers – and caterers – want action.

    The report details the challenges and solutions, finding evidence that reuse schemes are working.

    “The issue of reusables and cutting single-use products is having an extraordinary effect on the UK catering industry,” says Paul Anderson. “What is heartening is that we are witnessing a core change in societal behaviour, with the public and caterers pulling together to reduce waste. We are making it happen, and you can find out how by reading about the opportunities for reusables in hospitality and foodservice.”

    We’ll look, in this report, at the challenges. Will compromising convenience create pain points for customers that put them off purchasing your products? What are the solutions that work for the high street, for food-to-go, and for closed-site environments such as contract catering and events? If you supply reusables to customers, how are cups and containers collected, washed and redistributed?

    We’ll look at the solutions. We’ll look at the role of collaboration, how to scale, and whether we should embrace packaging standardisation. Does it damage brand identity if you don’t have your own packaging? How can we change behaviour to make reuse the new norm? And what are the innovations – such as warewashers that clean and dry 15,000 cups an hour, or the apps that track where containers are and reward users for their loyalty?

    We’ll also examine the advantages of working with competitors and introducing reuse in supply chains. And we’ll look at the benefits: building reputational value, evolving new business models and saving the planet – one cup, container or crate at a time.

    Reusables can engage customers, reduce waste and contribute to carbon reduction targets. So let’s find out how to make them happen.

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