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    A glasswasher is an indispensable tool for hotels, restaurants and accommodation providers, as well as bars, canteens and guesthouses. The ability to consistently guarantee clean and shiny glasses quickly both increases productivity and considerably improves the image of the business from a customer perspective. Customers do not appreciate their drinks being served in jaded or stained glasses – or glasses which have become unsightly from repeated washing.

    So how do you choose the optimum glasswasher for your professional food service business? This handy article provides a list of selection criteria to help you when you are looking to buy or replace a glasswasher.

    Why should you buy a powerful glasswasher?

    A glasswasher (or a cupwasher) is certainly must-have equipment for all businesses serving drinks: whether a quaint bistro or a large luxury hotel, a retirement home or a hospital. In any establishment where large quantities of glasses or cups are continually in use on a daily basis, there is a need to guarantee customers the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness, and it has to look good.

    Professional glasswashers are specially designed for the specific requirements of quick throughput and high performance. As a leading provider of cutting-edge warewashing solutions worldwide, MEIKO is turning extra attention to this product category, with a particular focus on technology, design, efficiency and practical operation.

    Five rules for choosing the right dishwashing machine

    • Versatility: a good glasswasher must be versatile and allow you to efficiently wash and disinfect not only normal glasses but cups, espresso cups, wine glasses, beer glasses and more. The reasons for this are obvious: every bar and food service business serves a range of different drinks with different properties and colours. That is why you should always look at size and performance when choosing the right glasswasher.
    • Space requirements: the little bar on the corner and the kitchen in a large luxury hotel differ greatly in terms of the space they have available. The little bar needs a compact, easily accessible product with no barriers, one that can easily be integrated with the other activities taking place behind the bar. A large hotel, on the other hand, has no restrictions or stipulations in this area. Both definitely need an efficient dishwashing machine, though.
    • Performance: speed, as little consumption as possible in terms of water and detergents, quality of the materials and technology used in the professional washing system, minimum resource consumption and meeting the quality and quantity requirements of the business where the glasswasher is installed – all these are necessary criteria for making the right choice of dishwashing machine.
    • Design: Without a doubt, the look of a product is important. Imagine a dishwashing machine which is not only functional and efficient but also truly beautiful, catching every eye at the bar. That is a branding bonus for any business.
    • Durability: A good quality glasswasher uses materials and technology that require only minimal maintenance, meaning very little down time (don't forget: in the food service industry, down time is absolutely key!)

    MEIKO would love to advise you and point you to the perfect glasswasher to meet all of your establishment's requirements, regardless of size or capacity: we are certain to find the ideal machine for your needs in our extensive portfolio. Versatile, efficient, economical and able to make all the difference – guaranteed!

    Which dishwasher is suitable for me?

    Choose your criteria here and find out in no time:

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    Are you searching for the correct dishwashing system for your business? Then you've found the right place!

    bistro dishes MEIKO
    What would you like to wash?
    Find the dishwashing machine which best cleans the dishes you use most often.
    Gastronomy dishwashers
    In what kind of business will you be washing?
    Different industries sometimes place very different demands on a dishwashing machine.
    Rack type dishwasher UPster K
    What kind of machine do you need?
    Our options range from space-saving undercounter models through to XXL flight type machines.
    Do you have restrictions on length or width that you need to consider when choosing a product?
    Do you need a certain length or width, standard sizes or special requirements? We will find the right solution for you.
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    Do you already have a particular model in mind?
    If you are already familiar with our products then you can select your favourite.
    Commercial dishwasher MEIKO
    Would you like not to need to manually polish your glasses in future?
    No streaks, no rings, no dirt: go for a reverse osmosis system to achieve better water quality.
    M-iQ Energy Concept
    Would you like to save energy and reduce the volume of steam in your kitchen?
    Go for an integrated heat recovery system to improve indoor climate and increase energy efficiency.
    Touch Display
    Would you like your machine to be as user friendly as possible?
    Our complex technologies are designed to be as easy to use as possible.
    Airsteam insight the machine
    Should your washware emerge from the machine as dry as possible?
    The washware dries and is ready to be used again particularly quickly.
    Are you interested in an ergonomic hood which opens and closes automatically?
    Our automatic hood system means the movements that staff need to complete in the dishwashing area become much easier and more ergonomic.
    tall industrial dishwasher
    Do you often have particularly dirty washware to wash?
    If the dirt on your washware is particularly tough or if washware is not washed quickly, this is another factor to consider when choosing your machine.
    reverse osmosis module - GiO-Modul
    Do you require water softener or demineralisation due to the water quality in your area or the washing results you are aiming for?
    Different water treatment techniques are available depending on the water quality available. These include water softening and partial or full demineralisation to get you perfect washing results.
    Rack type dishwasher M-iQ
    Might you require a flight or rack type dishwashing machine to process extremely large quantities of washware?
    Industries with extreme rush periods need a dishwashing machine which can respond to these needs.
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