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    Bentley to Drive Meiko Green

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    After over three decades working as a foodservice consultant, where for the last ten years he was owner/director at his own practice, the former FCSI UK and Ireland chair has been named as the new Specification Manager for Meiko Green, where from mid-April, he will lead Meiko UK’s food waste division.

    "As climate change and food security continue to move up people's agendas and the realisation that the methane from food discarded into landfill can be up to 25 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas, I am passionate about supporting the structured disposal and reuse of this valuable resource and joining Meiko Green was the obvious answer,” says Bentley.

    Paul Anderson, Meiko UK Managing Director, added, “Meiko BioMaster food waste recycling is at the heart of Meiko Green. BioMaster is ahead of its time and has applications in building design, management, as well as catering. It is innovative, infinitely adaptable, and ideally suited to take the UK forward into recycling food waste for a sustainable return.

    “As a well-known industry personality, David will bring a familiar face to the role and apply a wealth of cross-sector consultancy knowledge gained in management and design applications. In addition, David will draw on his practical operational background and problem-solving mindset to support Meiko UK's continued growth and propel the food waste division.”

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