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    MEIKO is ‘Supplier of the Year – Heavy Equipment’

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    Meiko UK is delighted to announce that its second-generation M-iClean undercounter dishwasher has won the ‘Supplier of the Year, Heavy Equipment’ category in the 2023 Catering Insight Awards.

    The new M-iClean wowed the judges with its dramatically improved heat recovery system compared to the original M-iClean undercounter dishwasher. Meiko’s second-generation M-iClean – a three-in-one dishwasher, glasswasher and bottle washer model – boasts improved heat recovery systems that cut operating costs up to 21% compared to its predecessor.

    This honour, sponsored by Casual Dining and presented to Meiko UK’s National Account Director Phil Walley (centre) by group event director Chris Brazier (left), rewards a manufacturer supplying heavy-duty catering appliances through the dealer channel.

    “Maximising sustainability starts with the right machine choice,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson. "And the key to understanding how dishwashers perform in real life lies in the provision of accurate information from the manufacturer that can be used towards whole-life cost comparisons to find the best overall value.

    “Meiko’s distributor partners know they can rely on our accuracy and honesty when quoting our figures to customers because we compare energy, water and chemical savings between each new generation of Meiko machines.

    “To gain 21% in savings from what was the most sustainable undercounter dishwasher of its time is an outstanding achievement!

    “The engineers and dishwasher designers at Meiko HQ in Offenburg, Germany, are to be congratulated for the engineering excellence that is extending the boundaries of innovation.

    “Over a ten-year working life, there is a staggering difference in running costs and accumulated carbon footprint between 'sustainable' equipment that minimises consumption, and cheaper to buy but ultimately less sustainable equipment, which probably won't even last seven years, much less 10!”

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