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    And the first MEIKO Service-Award goes to … India!

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    Service is a key priority at MEIKO. So important that they even initiated a new award, which will be awarded once a year to one of the subsidiaries. And the first winner of the MEIKO Service-Award in 2018 is: MEIKO Clean Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. from Bangalore.

    „The criteria for winning the award leaves no room for interpretation: key performance indicators like the response time upon receiving the customer's orders, growth of the service-organisation in the last year, fluctuation of employees – as well as their educational level, support independent of the company headquarters, efficiency etc.“ explained Hans-Dieter Breideband, Executive Vice President Aftermarket.

    A major challenge is the geographical size of India: about 3.200 km from north to south and 3.000 km from east to west. Managing Director and CEO Jestin Antony: „It’s a great feeling to be the first subsidiary in the history of MEIKO that has been recognized with this award. Converting the service business in India into a profitable and sustainable model was not easy, but now I can safely say: It will grow year-on-year and the service network and support will continue to improve.“

    The extremely positive response from their customers proves him right. For example: the premium hotel THE DEN in Bangalore. A particular convincing selling-point was the excellent quality of service MEIKO India provides – with their own branch offices in Bangalore, a completely outfitted spare parts warehouse and competent technicians available in two hours. These factors helped make MEIKO a strong, efficient and reliable partner of first choice.

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