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    Mixology Group chooses Meiko

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    Mixology Group has chosen to work with Meiko glasswashers to cater for its increasingly popular drinks and bar training courses

    The Group runs Approved and Accredited Courses in Brighton and also travels to provide training in Cocktails and Mixology, Molecular Mixology and Bartenders certification. Find out more at: mixologygroup.co.uk

    Myles Cunliffe, Director Mixology Group, explained that the growing trend for cocktails is reaching a new high, with more attention being paid to the provenance of drinks and the education of service staff.

    “I work with the best and I want to show my students the best as well. In my opinion Meiko is the ‘best’ when it comes to glasswashing machinery.

    “The reverse osmosis water treatment was a key reason for choosing a Meiko glasswasher for my school. It is incredibly important for me to have crystal-clear glassware and this technology allows me to do that.”

    The M-iClean U glasswasher offers a range of innovative dishwashing technology, including GiO reverse osmosis, intuitive operation, efficient warewashing with minimal use of resources and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology. M-iClean U can also be fitted with integral heat recovery, ensuring no more clouds of steam when the door is opened and around 15% energy savings.

    Meiko’s latest products offer significant sustainable savings – energy, water, chemicals – compared to the previous generation and the GiO reverse osmosis water treatment which comes with our glasswashers delivers sparkling and spot free results that will impress.

    How to make a MEIKO Gin Martini cocktail with Mixology... CLICK HERE

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