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    The Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year 2022

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    Organised by The Caterer and recognised by the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, the competition recognises the very finest talent.

    Past winners include some of the industry's leading lights, including the late Gerard Basset, Ronan Sayburn and Xavier Rousset. The 2019 winner was the Vineyard at Stockcross head sommelier Romain Bourger who took the title on his sixth attempt.

    More info at: uksommelieroftheyear.com

    This competition leaves nowhere to hide, especially for the dishwasher supplier. The glassware must be of the finest standard in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

    Meiko UK is immensely proud to have this opportunity to highlight our exceptional quality equipment.

    Meiko GiO reverse osmosis water treatment provides a spotless finish. Our latest glasswashing machines also feature heat recovery, so glassware emerges clean, sparkling, cool and dry!

    Meiko is a leading European manufacturer; a global brand and we take pride in leading the industry in both quality and environmental issues. Meiko has publicly committed to make its Offenburg production facility carbon neutral by 2025.

    But being sustainable does not stop there. Meiko is now holding spares for 20 years which gives some idea of how long we expect our machines to last. We have also launched what we believe is the most sustainable range of dishwash chemicals, saving up to 40 percent detergent and 60 percent rinse aid for Meiko users.

    Like the sommeliers, we too are pushing the boundaries and aiming for the highest standards. The competitor’s and our credentials are on the Taittinger tables.

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