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    Announcing a huge but tiny new product from Meiko

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    The Meiko M-iClean PF-S potwasher a small-footprint, slimline, pot and utensil washing powerhouse that is optionally available with energy saving heat recovery.

    At only 775 mm wide and 898 mm deep, the Meiko M-iClean PF-S pot washer takes up less than one square metre (1m2) of floor space.

    However, the large wash chamber takes everything a potwasher should, including bulky washware like crates, sheet pans, and kitchen utensils. The chamber measures a massive 830 mm high, and the wash basket is 608 x 700 mm.

    “The optional heat recovery and ergonomic design of the Meiko M-iClean PF-S – combined with its tremendous cleaning power, huge wash chamber and innovative security washing grid – make it the assured hygiene choice for the retail and catering sectors,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson.

    Optionally integrated into the chamber of the Meiko M-iClean PF-S pot washer is the fold-down weighted grid with chains that securely grips lightweight pans and reusable plastics and stops them from rotating or moving around during the powerful wash cycles.

    The fold-down security grid is a clever bonus because it means the grid always stays in the machine and cannot get misplaced, which often happens to removable racks, especially in small spaces with limited storage.

    Also folding down is the lower front door to the wash chamber, providing easy and ergonomic access when loading and unloading heavy pans. The lower front door hinges release to allow the door to fold flat. It also means no bending over the door, no far corners when cleaning and no one blocking the passageway while working the machine.

    “Meiko has engineered one of the smallest, slimmest potwashers but also one of the most powerful,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson.

    “Designed for low running costs and to last ten years, Meiko's build quality is second to none, but so is our service and support backup for the customer. Meiko UK and our distributor partners will provide a realistic forecast of lifetime energy costs to help with budgeting for caterers and retailers.

    “With an average first-time fix typically around 94% and with a range of planned maintenance packages including fixed and transparent prices, Meiko’s technical support services provide the highest standards of customer support for the UK.

    Three wash programs provide up to 30, 15 and 10 cycles per hour.

    Manufactured to Meiko’s exacting standards, Meiko gives the machine a minimum ten-year service life. Notably, stainless steel has been used inside instead of plastic to build reliability, durability, and robustness, making it entirely fit for purpose in challenging working environments.

    Meiko’s Blue operating concept identifies the removable parts that need to be cleaned manually, making the machine easy to clean even for unskilled personnel. The 150 mm ground clearance meets the hygiene requirements for food retailers and butchers.


    • Weighted security grid.
    • Meiko AirConcept heat recovery removes up to 80% of steam from in and around the potwasher. Optionally situated on top of the machine, AirConcept saves energy by pre-heating incoming cold water.
    • GiO-MODUL reverse osmosis water treatment removes the need for water softeners and provides sparkling clean results. It also removes any issues with water quality by eliminating the risk of legionella from the water supply.

    Dimensions: W x H x D/mm 775 x 1868 x 898. With AirConcept, the height is 2271 mm.






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