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    Food waste management solution at the largest trade show for the out-of-home market in Asia

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    Meiko redefines food waste treatment and revolutionises the industry

    The German hygiene specialist Meiko already attracted attention in Singapore in 2018. The M-iClean H hood type dishwashing machine convinced the jury in all three categories: sustainability, cost savings and innovation. This model was awarded gold in the small machines category. This year, the company wants nothing less than to revolutionise the food processing industry. Meiko Green presents its BioMaster in Asia for the first time – a sustainable system for collecting and storing kitchen waste and food scraps in an odour-free, ergonomic, efficient manner. It takes over the preparatory steps for further energy recovery in a biogas plant. No other residue management system is as sustainable. Visitors will experience these and other clean solutions from 25-28 October 2022 at the most important trade show for the hospitality industry in Southeast Asia – Food&HotelAsia (FHA) in Hall 5 at Stand 5B2-07.


    Meiko Green is known as the market and technology leader for food waste management. The company's goal is to bring the food waste that inevitably accumulates in catering kitchens back into the cycle. The company will show how this is done in the Meiko demo kitchen at Stand 5B2-07 in Hall 5 at the FHA. Here, trade show visitors can experience the cycle in a catering kitchen at first hand: food waste such as cores, peels, stems and everything that accumulates during the preparation of food is put into the Meiko BioMaster, processed into a homogeneous biomass and fed into a tank via a pipe system. This is visible to all trade show visitors in the adjacent room. In reality, it could also be positioned in the basement or outside the building – even sunk underground – as required. A pipe system automatically transports the biomass. The advantage for the staff: as the organic material remains in the closed system, the staff do not perceive any unpleasant odours and there is no longer any need to transport heavy waste bins – and the risk of contamination by germs is eliminated inside and outside the building. Significantly fewer collection trips are required for the biomass to be collected by a disposal company than for waste stored in a cold room. This saves CO2 and reduces the burden on the environment. Once the homogenised kitchen waste and food scraps have arrived at a biogas plant, they can be further utilised to produce fertiliser, electricity and heat for heating.

    Thanks to the Meiko Green Loop, valuable materials can be fed back into the energy cycle by being fed into the respective grids as electricity or heat, or used as fertiliser. At Food&HotelAsia, Meiko wants to initiate a rethink in the hotel and catering industry. The idea that food waste is not regarded as mere waste, but as a valuable source of energy, is something that all interested parties should have internalised after their visit to the Meiko trade show stand. With the Meiko Green Loop, the hygiene specialist gives companies in the out-of-home market an innovative solution approach on their way to a more climate-friendly, lower CO2 future, which pays off for the businesses through potential savings. Meiko's smart waste management is the answer to today's difficult challenges and provides the food processing industry with solutions to reduce operating costs and protect the environment. Visitors can experience the food waste management system – as well as sustainable solutions in the field of warewashing technology from 25-28 October 2022 in Hall 5 at Meiko Stand 5B2-07.

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