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    Meiko UK LAUNCHES new UPster RANGE

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    “Meiko’s launch of the new UPster series signals that this leading European manufacturer is targeting the ‘value’ end of the market,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson.

    “Many UK catering equipment distributors, pub operators and caterers have worked with Meiko over almost three decades. Undercounter machines such as the FV40.2 and hood machines such as the DV80.2 have become legends for their reliability and wash quality. But that high regard is also due to the package of
    service that comes with our machines, including Meiko UK’s own final set-up and commissioning of every commercial dishwasher.

    “Now, Meiko has taken the ‘essence’ of those early FV40.2 and DV80.2 machines, added more innovation, new controls and great new styling.

    “I am delighted to announce the launch in the UK of the new UPster range – capitalising on those industry legends which are regarded as benchmarks for their reliability, wash quality and ease of installation.
    “We are introducing these new UPster machines as Meiko’s ‘entry-level’; but we used to call them ‘Premium’. They might be the most basic machines in our range, but their build quality and heritage are truly world class and, as always, Meiko products come with the support of Meiko Technical Services and Meiko UK project management.

    “The difference between Meiko UK and our competitors is about superior equipment and our quality of support before, during and after the sale.

    “You can buy a machine that is probably inferior, with customer service that will never be as good as Meiko’s, for not much less that you would pay for the new UPster machines. So why risk disappointing wash results, haphazard maintenance support and a long wait for spares by looking elsewhere?”


    Meiko is renowned for manufacturing excellence in commercial and industrial dishwashers.

    For build-quality, reliability and spotless wash performance Meiko sets the standards with the best.

    Meiko product is supported by Meiko UK’s award-winning technical services and a hugely experienced team of sales managers and project management.

    The new UPster range comes with Meiko’s new ‘AktivPlus’ improved fine filtration system. The wash tank water is filtered not once, but now several times over. Food particles and dirt is actively and reliably ejected from the wash water by cyclical backflushing.

    Blue colour-coded components on all machines except the UPster 400 glasswasher mean that cleaning is made easy. The parts coloured blue are those that need removal and cleaning in the sink as part of the regular clean down. This ensures even untrained staff instinctively know what to do.

    Meiko has added an additional level of protection to help customers protect themselves. A new suction screen with an integrated dirt collection trough protects the circulation pump. Further protection is provided by another innovation, a ‘toothpick trap’ which protects the drainage pump.


    Undercounter 400 x 400 and 500 x 500 glasswashers, 500 x 500 dishwasher and the UPster 500 x 500 hood machine with optional heat recovery. GiO reverse osmosis is available for all machines.

    Meiko’s UPster machines also feature improved connectivity compared to many competitor machines, because they can be connected directly to the fresh water supply without the use of intermediate safety valves.

    UPster® U 400 – the undercounter glasswasher with miserly water consumption at just 2.2 l per wash.

    Meiko is raising the standard for entry-level machines. The U400 features double-walled insulated construction including insulated door; stainless steel replaces plastic for dosing connections and there are also improved detergent and rinse aid dosing containers. A digital temperature display shows wash and final rinse temperatures.

    Its 300 mm entry height is tall enough to accommodate those stylish tall bespoke beer glasses now in vogue from the brewers and the soft start helps protect delicate glassware.

    UPster ® U 500 G / U 500 undercounter dishwashers can be installed everywhere thanks to the built-in drain pump which makes installation independent of discharge height.

    GiO reverse osmosis is optionally available to fit under the machine or remotely alongside, if the machine needs to fit under a counter.

    Compared to Meiko’s previous generation, the new UPster 500 machines offer reduced energy and chemical consumption and even better wash quality, thanks to the improved wash filter system.

    Stainless steel has also replaced plastic in many instances, making these machines the most robust ever for Meiko’s entry level!

    Door entry heights are 420 mm (U 500), 315 mm (U 500 G) and the wash cycle consumes 2.6 l.

    UPster ® H 500 UPster® H 500 with MEIKO AirConcept UPster® H 500 with MEIKO GiO MODULE

    Featuring the new Meiko AktivPlus wash water filter system, the H machines also feature a new option of a WATER CHANGE PROGRAM which allows the user to replace the water in the tank at the touch of a button and continue rinsing immediately with fresh new water. This simple, fully automatic process – ensures the best rinse quality when switching from washing crockery to glassware and cutlery.

    Few entry level machines offer the option of heat recovery but bad air can take a hike with Meiko’s optional AirConcept system, which delivers 18% energy savings while removing up to 80% of steam from in and around the dishwasher, making it ideal for siting virtually anywhere, even in places previously thought unsuitable for dishwashing.

    With 440 mm usable passing height, the UPster H machines provide almost unlimited installation options. Numerous table variants from a simple roller conveyor table to a complete dishwashing station with integrated glasswasher means there are (almost) no limits to the possibilities.

    Stainless steel has also replaced plastic in many instances, making these machines the most robust ever for Meiko’s entry level!

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