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    Pass through dishwasher DV Series

    Whatever your needs, MEIKO can offer you the right solution from its tried-and-tested range of pass through dishwasher. Different models are available to tackle dishware, kitchen utensils, and any other type of washware.
    Die saubere Lösung

    The commercial pass through dishwashers of the DV Series have been discontinued and replaced by the new M-iClean H. Find out more about the innovative new pass through dishwasher from MEIKO here.

    With its optimised wash and rinse systems, a perfectly designed wash tank concept, and a truly unique filter system, this is no ordinary machine. Thanks to its sophisticated ergonomic design and automatic hood lifting device, this model really shines when it comes to dealing with heavy workloads. This is a commercial pass through dishwasher people often describe as a genuine pleasure to work with!


    You can select the pump power using a cutting-edge electronic control system, so you get the choice between three programme durations and three different levels of pump power output. That gives you the extra power you need to tackle stubborn dirt and grime on tough-to-clean washware, but it also saves energy by using only as much power as is needed to get each batch of washware clean. But even on its high power setting, this hood type dishwashing machine is gentle on washware thanks to its sophisticated electronic wash pump control system and soft start function.

    wash pump ensuring gentle treatment
    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    Wash pumps with a delicate touch

    cleaning operations - electronic control
    Electronic control CC-Touch for dishwasher

    The easy to understand controls with a large TFT colour graphic display ensures simple operation.


    Designed to tackle dishware, transport baskets, Gastronorm (GN) kitchen containers, pots and pans, cutlery, oven trays and even glasses, this pass through dishwasher is a genuine powerhouse that produces excellent results. Praised for its powerful washing action, this is also the most robust of MEIKO's hood machines. Extra-wide feed and discharge tables in the corner configuration eliminate the problem of washware hanging over the edges and dripping on the floor.
    With a range of powerful and professional features, the DV 125.2 pass through dishwasher has everything you need in your wash-up area.


    The DV 200.2 pass through dishwasher offers an impressively high hourly output because it can wash two baskets at a time instead of just one. It is the "missing link" between single-basket pass through dishwashers and even more powerful rack type dishwashers. Despite offering twice the level of performance, the wash cycle times remain unchanged. And if you're ever faced with a really bulky item of washware, this pass through dishwasher can easily accommodate it in the two baskets placed next to each other.

    The dishwasher's innovative air management system includes a sophisticated method of exhaust heat recovery. The hot air emitted by the dishwasher is fed back into the water circuit as a source of energy. This achieves significant energy and cost savings and improves the quality of the indoor air.

    Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

    Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency


    * If the machine is connected to a cold water supply and/or if racks are inserted in quick succession, the duration of the wash cycles may be increased to achieve hygienic final rinse temperatures.
    Product lines and configurations may vary from one country to the next due to statutory requirements or other reasons. Please check with your local trade partner. They will be happy to find a machine that meets your specific requirements.
    Date: 03.2017. Technical modifications reserved.


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