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    Importance of food waste management

    More than 900 million tonnes of food discarded globally each year

    Food waste is generally defined as consumable food but may be discarded due to spoilage along with the associated inedible parts removed from the food supply chain in various sectors such as retail, food service, and households. Different types of food waste (solid, liquid, etc.) call for different ways of managing them. However, this is easier said than done.

    With more than 900 million tonnes of food discarded globally each year, it's no surprise that food waste has grown to be an issue that affects how we treat the planet along with achieving the UN’s sustainability goals.

    In a report by the UN Environment Programme, about 61 per cent of food waste comes from households, 26 per cent from the food service industry, and 13 per cent from retail. While the amount contributed by the food service industry may seem little, it certainly has an impact on the environment.

    Most of the food waste produced by the food service industry usually ends up in landfills, causing environmental distress such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, declining water quality, soil degradation, and food insecurity. This problem may seem far from being solved, but with proper food waste management, we can resolve it one at a time.

    In this article, we’ll explore the importance of food waste management and the benefits of using MEIKO food waste disposal machines in food waste management.



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    Why do we need professional food waste management in commercial kitchens?

    Regardless of the scale, food waste is an international issue that has financial, environmental, legal, and health consequences. In the case of the hospitality industry, managing large amounts of food waste requires a solution that’s effective enough to solve the problem of food wastage.

    When it comes to food waste management in commercial kitchens, there are many aspects involved as most organic and inorganic waste finds its point of origin during food preparation and in warewashing areas of commercial kitchens. With proper commercial food waste management in place, hygiene can be improved, the environment protected, and legal, and health risks can be minimised.

    This is where MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions comes in. Specializing in food waste management technologies, MEIKO’s solutions have set the standard while revolutionizing the industry with its reliably closed systems which leave nothing behind.

    Role of MEIKO Green

    Meiko Green waste solutions automates the process of transporting food waste through the building. Let’s start where food waste often ends up – the garbage area. When stored for prolonged periods, it increases the likelihood of pest infestation and emission of foul odour. Not only that, but it increases the risk of cross-contamination.

    Meiko’s solution eliminates hygiene risks and enables kitchen staff to experience a better and more ergonomic work environment. It also makes managing food waste simple and sets hygiene on top of the priority list. 

    Moving forward, we’ll look at the benefits of using MEIKO’s food waste disposal machine in food waste management.

    Benefits of MEIKO’s food waste disposal machine

    Much like using its glass washer machine for pristinely clean, sanitized glassware, MEIKO’s food waste disposal machine offers a plethora of benefits to commercial kitchens in terms of food waste management. Here’s how it can benefit commercial kitchens.

    Saves time

    Segregating and responsibly disposing of handling food waste takes time. Instead of making your kitchen crew spend their time segregating food waste, Meiko's food waste system saves time by processing all the typical food waste found in a commercial kitchen.

    Reduces labour

    Meiko offers three types of food waste management systems which eliminate the need for manual transporting of food waste. The systems allow food waste to be entirely pumped or vacuumed from the infeed station directly to the storage tanks or any onsite food waste treatment.

    Saves costs

    Food waste management can prove to be costly when segregation is difficult. However, with MEIKO’s food waste disposal machine, you can benefit from it in the long term by saving on:

    • cleaning costs
    • disposal costs
    • pest control
    • labour costs and
    • plastic bags.

    Protects the environment

    Food waste dumped in landfills can prove to be is damaging to the environment as decomposing organic waste generates methane – a dangerous greenhouse gas. With proper food waste management provided by MEIKO, you can help prevent the production of greenhouse gases while protecting the environment.

    Dispose of food waste hygienically

    Food waste that is stored in the kitchen for prolonged periods tends to decompose over time which may produce a foul odour. With MEIKO's reliably closed food waste management system, you can reduce kitchen odour as the food waste is homogenized into pulpy slurry biomass.

    This is then transported into the collection tank where it can be stored odourless at room temperature.

    Reduces cross-contamination

    There's a risk of cross-contamination when conventionally handling food waste.  between your kitchen crew and waste disposal contractors, which may lead to cross-contamination around the building when your kitchen crew returns from the waste disposal area. Thanks to MEIKO's food waste disposal machine and management system, you can reduce cross-contamination.

    Customisable solutions

    Offering different types of solutions, MEIKO's food waste management systems are customisable to suit varying requirements, and local regulations.

    Their food waste disposal machine is no doubt a good starting point to a green way of managing food waste.

    With these benefits, you can have a proper food waste management system at your F&B establishments while supporting the global sustainable goal of reducing waste responsibly. As one of the top warewashing technology manufacturers in the world, MEIKO offers some of the most advanced food waste disposal machines available on the market.

    With an emphasis on making the world a cleaner place by using innovative technology for warewashing, cleaning, and disinfection, MEIKO constantly strives to provide you with clean solutions to support your business wherever and whenever you need them.

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