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    What is needed to get the best possible warewashing results in the food service sector? Several factors must be carefully managed. And that is exactly what the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle (MCSC) does. Read more about how it works in this article.

    Several factors are involved in achieving the ultimate warewashing result. And MEIKO understands all of them in great detail. So we are able to offer the food service sector a one-stop shop for optimised planning, clever technology, eco-friendly chemical products, custom water treatment, reliable service and well researched training programmes. MEIKO therefore provides food service managers with a comprehensive solution for the warewashing cycle, all the way from one diner to the next.

    Water treatment processes
    Water Treatment - methods, advantages, technologies

    Water does not always behave the same way when we clean with it. Some of the minerals it contains can inhibit performance by leaving those familiar ugly and unappetising smears on cutlery and glasses. In dishwashers they may deposit a fur commonly known as limescale.


    The ‘carefree washware’ concept

    ‘MEIKO wants to do more than just sell reliable warewashing technology. We want our customers to be able to concentrate on what they love: their business. That's why we developed the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle. This is a comprehensive solution to help you manage the whole washware cycle, from one diner to the next, hygienically, sustainably and economically.’

    Martin Schömezler 
    Head of Chemical Sales, International, at MEIKO

    1. The technology

    MEIKO has been designing warewashing technology for the food service sector for nearly 100 years. People and planet have always been at the heart of all of our progress. We are always driving down energy and water consumption, easing the burden on the environment and your bank account. The hot steam (or vapour) that comes from dishwashing is fed back into the water cycle, returning energy to the system.

    MEIKO's blue operating system makes operating and cleaning the machine super easy for staff. Just follow the blue colour code: any component that is coloured blue or illuminated in blue can be touched, operated or cleaned. This prevents operator errors and accidental interruptions to the wash process. And the self-cleaning programme makes it easier still.

    2. The water quality

    Good water quality saves on chemical use and protects the environment. If the water available for the warewashing process is of good quality, large quantities of chemicals can be saved. So what does ‘good quality’ mean? It means low levels of limescale, minerals and salts in the water. Poor water quality, e.g. water containing limescale, can be compensated for but you have to use more chemicals. Although MEIKO has a smarter idea... Our reverse osmosis system (the GiO MODULE) produces almost entirely pure water. It is mechanically fed through a membrane and is 98% demineralised when it reaches the warewashing process. MEIKO has an integrated reverse osmosis system for every dishwashing machine.

    The benefits of MEIKO dishwashing machines with reverse osmosis systems:

    • No water softener required – meaning less harm to the environment.
    • Sparkling, flawless results mean there is no need to polish by hand.
    • That saves staff time, dramatically reduces the risk of breakages and improves hygiene safety (tea towels = germ spreaders).
    • Save on operating costs: lower payroll costs, reduced supply usage and less wear.

    Internal analyses of chemical consumption found huge savings from MEIKO dishwashing machines with reverse osmosis systems.

    Chemical consumption was tested in three common scenarios:

    • In a restaurant
    • In a care home
    • In a large hospital

    The result: when using a MEIKO dishwashing machine with GiO MODULE, up to 74% chemical consumption can be saved when compared to a competitor model without a reverse osmosis system.

    3. The advice

    Create win-win situations with MEIKO planning. When everything is running smoothly, work can be fun – and that improves business efficiency. We know about this dynamic, so we plan dishwashing areas that centre around people. Optimised workflows in the dishwashing area are ergonomic, making them an absolute must if you want healthy and happy employees.

    To do this, we analyse existing contact-plus zones in the dishwashing area, assess work stations based on the Key Indicator Method, and optimise workflows, automating and networking tasks to reduce workload. That makes win-win situations for employees and employers every day!

    4. The service

    Keep everything in order with MEIKO service. Regular service check-ins and maintenance appointments are a key part of the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle. Our trained customer service employees will ensure that your machine is running smoothly, the water treatment system is on the right settings and only the necessary levels of cleaning chemicals are dosed. This guarantees excellent washing results with the minimum environmental impact.

    Expert opinions confirm that MEIKO warewashing technology produces flawless washing results.

    • Time and temperature 
    • Cleaning agents (e.g. MEIKO ACTIVE) 
    • A properly functioning dishwashing machine 

    When these factors come together optimally in a MEIKO dishwashing machine, even items that were contaminated with coronavirus will be safe to use again after cleaning.

    5. The chemical products

    We've got chemistry! But MEIKO wants to use the minimum quantities of chemicals possible to still achieve reliable, hygienic washing results. This requires the perfect interplay of machine, water quality and chemical products. The chemical products in the MEIKO ACTIVE range offer excellent performance.

    MEIKO uses highly concentrated detergents and rinse aids with a significantly higher active content when compared to off-the-shelf products. Those products might be cheaper in many cases but they also offer much lower cleaning performance, meaning they have to be dosed at higher levels, unnecessarily polluting our environment.

    MEIKO's chlorine-free dish detergents:

    • Protect the environment.
    • Avoid issues with the authorities, which can save money in the form of fines. 
    • Avoid high packaging, transport, storage and disposal costs. 

    6. The expertise

    Innovative technology is our cornerstone – but it also has to be properly operated. We can help with that. The MEIKO Academy offers comprehensive training courses to our customers, covering:

    • How to allow as little dirt as possible into the dishwashing machine.
    • How to correctly load washware into the rack with no spray shadow.
    • Only to start the wash programme when the rack is fully loaded.
    • Practice using cleaning agents properly to avoid injury and poor washing.
    • Taking good care of the dishwashing machine to get fault-free, hygienic, economical and sustainable washing results for as long as possible.

    The conclusion

    to our discussion of the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle

    Hygiene, sustainability and economy are top priorities within the MEIKO Organisation's corporate goals. We present the MEIKO Clean Solution Circle: the solution that covers the whole commercial dishwashing process so that our customers can concentrate on what is important to them – their business.

    You can benefit from working with people who take your needs seriously, integrating your goals and ideals into the planning process, plus innovative MEIKO dishwashing machines with reverse osmosis systems, our expert trainers at the MEIKO Academy, qualified service employees and our MEIKO ACTIVE premium chemical products. And the benefit to top it all off: how all of this fits together, each aspect complementing the others.

    Working together, we can make a difference – we can help protect people and planet. Working on clean solutions is what motivates us. And it always will.

    Do you have questions about our carefree washware cycle? We'd love to answer them!

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