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    BioMaster food waste handling system wins FCSI Sustainable Equipment Award

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    Announced at the 2021 FEA (Foodservice Equipment Association) Awards, at the Chesford Grange hotel in Warwickshire on the 16th September 2021, BioMaster from Meiko Green Solutions has been voted the MOST SUSTAINABLE FOOD WASTE SOLUTION.

    The FEA is the UK's leading independent foodservice equipment trade association. The award is intended to recognise innovation and excellence in achieving savings of energy, water, CO2 emissions or consumables. It has been initiated by the FCSI UK & Ireland as its only annual equipment award to recognise the FEA members’ product that is considered to best achieve the requirements of sustainability in its practical application and use.

    Meiko BioMaster provides the most labour and cost-efficient food waste handling solution for all types of caterer.

    “The merits of Meiko BioMaster are plain to calculate,” says Meiko UK

    Specification Director Mick Jary CFSP. “The highest sustainability target is one that sends nothing down the drain, brings maximum benefit to the planet and a long-time return for the caterer!”

    Meiko’s BioMaster biomass system ticks all boxes, especially energy and water saving, compared to other waste handling technology.

    From small restaurants to large hotels and contractors, it improves hygiene and saves labour because it fits seamlessly into kitchens and dishwashing areas.

    BioMaster accepts and processes all typical food waste, liquid foods, prep waste and even fish skins and used flowers.

    BioMaster sets the standard for our sustainable future. Find out more on the Meiko website here: https://www.meiko-uk.co.uk/en/products/food-waste-systems/pump-systems/biomasterr

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