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    MEIKO achieves shortlist for Supplier of the Year, Service & Support

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    Organised by magazine FEJ, the FEJ Awards 2019 programme celebrates the achievements of multi-site foodservice operators in the UK and the catering equipment providers that serve them.

    Meiko UK has been nominated for the Supplier of the Year, Service & Support category.

    “It is not about who supplies the ‘best dishwasher’, but WHO delivers the best warewashing ‘package’ to the customer, including the all-important technical support,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson.

    “The key to Meiko’s success is consistent delivery of our technical services support, no matter where you live in the UK or who is providing you with your Meiko product.

    “Whether it is supplied by Meiko UK or from one of our distributor partners, Meiko Technical Services ensures that Meiko users receive the same high quality of service.

    “We are entering this award in 2019 but Meiko UK Technical Services has consistently delivered excellent support from day one!”


    Results will be announced on Tuesday 4 June.


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