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    Meiko proud to sponsor food festival “Designed by Chefs for Chefs”

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    Universal Cookery & Food Festival 2019 is a special, chef-led event, now sponsored by Meiko.

    The Festival is the ‘ultimate’ food experience… and Meiko provides the ultimate dishwashing experience… the perfect combination!

    Meiko’s message for the show is simple; you put food on plates, we make those plates shiny and spotlessly clean.

    We are also doing our best to help the planet by making machines that minimise water consumption and put less chemicals down the drain.

    Our GiO reverse osmosis water treatment, built into the dishwasher, will save you money by cutting hours of hand polishing; and it uses less water than softeners.

    And if there is an unforeseen problem with the machine, we will come to site and fix it, within 8 working hours.

    Meiko dishwashing is designed for chefs who want the best.

    The event will be on the 25th June 2019 at Farrington Oils, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.


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