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    Meiko Bottle Wash System shortlisted for Caterer honours

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    The System has also recently won a Host Smart Label 2021 Award at the HOST international Milan-based trade show.

    The Caterer award judging, which took place at Westminster Kingsway College, and at The Caterer's offices in London, saw food and drink products evaluated by industry chefs and consultants alongside three senior lecturers at the college, and equipment debated and discussed at length by industry specialists from across all sectors of hospitality.

    Lisa Jenkins, managing editor of The Caterer and chair of the judging panels, said: "Despite the past tumultuous 20 months we received hundreds of entries and have seen so much innovation showing the resilience of suppliers. The equipment categories also showed incredible developments in versatile and flexible kit. It gives us immense pleasure to share these results and to recognise the creativity and technological advances in the supplier sector."

    Judge Adam Bateman, culinary director at the Grand hotel in Birmingham, said: "It's a vital part of seeing new and innovative products from a broad range of suppliers across our industry and as always there were some really stand-out products."


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