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    Meiko UK honoured at Craft Guild of Chefs AGM

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    The Craft Guild of Chefs Honours and Awards are one of the cheffing profession’s highlights of the year.

    Paul Anderson, MD, Meiko UK, was surprised and delighted to find that Meiko UK has been awarded a Craft Guild of Chefs ‘Company Award’ at the AGM on 23rd April 2023.

    Says the Guild, the award is ‘Presented to Business Partners who have shown significant support and involvement with the Craft Guild of Chefs over the past year.’

    “Truly astounded to be presented with a Craft Guild of Chefs Company Award,” said Paul Anderson. “With recruitment in the hospitality world being such a huge issue, not just in the UK but across the globe, it is vitally important that those who love our business get involved in helping and nurturing the future generation.

    “It’s our pleasure to partner with this association and help support the next generation of chefs in our wonderful industry.”

    Find out more about the Craft Guild AGM here:


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