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    MEIKO UK offers a helping hand to its customers reopening for business

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    Including checks for Legionnaire's disease, the hygiene checklist covers all the steps needed for safe start-up.

    "Dishwashers may have not been used for months and there is a risk that some will still be full with stagnant water," says Meiko UK Technical Services Director Dave Kemp.

    "Heat pumps on any dishwasher can act as a reservoir for disease, so it is vital that caterers check their machines now, before opening."

    The full checklist can be downloaded for FREE at https://www.meiko-uk.co.uk/en/campaigns/Spotlight-on-coming-out-of-lockdown/

    Meiko users can also have their machines checked, serviced and re-commissioned through Meiko and its network of trusted partner distributors nationwide.

    Continues Dave Kemp, "Provable hygiene is an essential ingredient for caterers re-opening for the April 12 deadline. Hygiene is now the top priority and our customers will want to prove to EHOs as well as their customers, that they are fully on top of the increased hygiene issues.

    "We help our customers by ensuring their glasses, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans are crystal clean and hygienically safe.

    "Dishwash hygiene relies on a combination of dishwash mechanics, temperature and chemicals. All three elements must be working in harmony to achieve sanitisation.

    "Demand for engineer services is high, so caterers are advised to book early."

    The Meiko maintenance check provides the caterer with a wash and rinse temperature hygiene audit, proving to the EHO that the machine is certified for hygiene at the start of business.

    Also included are:

    • Supply and replace water pre-filter/ fully flush GiO RO membranes (on machines with GiO reverse osmosis)
    • Hygienically clean manifold wash system, pump housing, wash chamber and all interior components
    • Flush and prime in-built chemical dosing systems
    • Full re-commission of machine with wash/rinse temperature hygiene audit

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