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    New report launched to help the hospitality sector reduce food waste

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    Designed with Waste in Mind – produced by Meiko and foodservice publisher Footprint Intelligence – takes a whole kitchen view that designs with waste in mind to support the preservation of precious resources – from food, energy, water and packaging to staff effort – in one indispensable go-to guide.

    Food waste is still on the rise and addressing this issue is now more urgent than ever.

    “It’s time to turn on its head the idea that this waste is inevitable, working together, we can make a difference.” says Paul Anderson, Managing Director, Meiko UK.

    “Any responsible business will have waste high on the list of issues that need addressing for three reasons: It is the right thing to do to minimise resource use for future generations; customers demand it, and it makes good business sense.

    “This report helps identify ways to take waste out of the equation and how to manage unavoidable waste as sustainably as possible. Following the tips, however large or small, you can and will make a change for the better. Everyone from senior management and business owners to chefs and restaurant managers can download this report for free and will take away something that will make a difference in their own kitchens.”

    The report authors are independent experts and have interviewed key players and collaborated with likeminded professionals to produce a report that puts the waste issue into 2021 perspective and talks about how to go forward.

    “Waste is a resource,” says Anderson. “This is a core issue for all caterers. I believe now is the time to share our knowledge and work out the most sustainable route forward, ultimately making this planet a better place for our children.

    “Water, energy, waste: people are beginning to move away from acting on price and costs, to think about climate change and how much you could save in services by taking a long-term view, by investing in more sustainable practices and equipment.”

    “It is time to take another look at the catering environment to ensure your kitchen is designed with waste in mind. The actions, tips and best practice outlined in this report should dramatically reduce waste output, whilst adding a healthy boost to the bottom line.”

    Download the ‘Designed with Waste in Mind’ report

    Lead pictured left to right: Paul Anderson (Meiko UK), Amy Fetzer (Footprint Intelligence), Nick Fenwicke- Clennell (Footprint Intelligence), Charlie Miers  (Footprint Intelligence)

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